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Don't Be Scammed
Be vigilant when it comes to choosing the right locksmith to rescue you at a time when you are vulnerable. We are a locksmith that you can trust. There are companies that pose as legitimate company but are only there to take your money while you are in need of emergency locksmith services. Here is how it works:

The Modus Operandi of the criminals impersonating locksmiths (scammers) is in some ways very simple, and in other ways very complicated. The various factors consistent with all the different companies of scammers operating throughout our nation include:

The Phone Number Address Scam aka Saturate Yellow Page And Internet Listings

The scammers enter a large metropolitan market and contract with various telephone companies to procure large quantities or blocks of telephone numbers.
The scammers provide the telephone companies with a "business name" and an "address" to list for each of the telephone numbers that they procure.
The scammers arrange for calls to all phone numbers under control of "their" company to be routed to a call center, typically in a location far away from the market that they are "serving". Once the calls are received these call centers dispatch their minions to the location of the unsuspecting consumer by cell phones.
By having literally hundreds to thousands of listings in one metropolitan area their very large "funnel" of phone numbers is once again calculated to catch many more consumer phone calls than the very small funnel of phone numbers operated by established legitimate companies.

The Phone Interaction - Setup For Bait And Switch

When the consumer gets through to the call center, no matter what the problem is, the consumer is told something usually along the lines of:
"Its $39 to come out plus labor." or "Its $x* to come out plus labor." * where $x is an unrealistically low service call price
When the customer reasonably asks "OK, how much is the labor?"
The call-taker will usually say "The technician will tell you when they get there...."
A savvy consumer won't accept that and will press them for a specific response,
and after such pressure the call-taker will say something like "Its usually around $15.00..."

Vehicle Lockouts - Execution Of The Bait And Switch

When the "technician" arrives, they have been indoctrinated to explain to you... "Your vehicle is very special, much more difficult, needs special tools, etc..." and then the bad news, customer expecting to pay around $55 is suddenly told " it will be to open your car. By this time, the consumer has waited a very long time, sometimes in very hot or cold weather and is worn down so they give up the money just so they can be on their way. .

Residential - Commercial Lockouts - Adding Destruction To The Bait And Switch

When the scammer's "technician" arrives, they have been indoctrinated to explain to you, "Your locks are very special high security locks.... I can't pick them, I am going to have to drill them and then replace them...." and then the bad news, the customer who was expecting to pay around $55 is, after witnessing the destruction of their locks and the installation of very cheap, usually imported knock-off locks is presented with the bill - usually several hundred dollars!

Most consumers won't file a complaint!

E&A Locksmith is a locally owned family business that has been established for over 20 years within the community. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

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