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Ford Key Duplication

“I lost my Ford key and a need a new replacement” or “I purchased a used Ford vehicle and it only has one key” are some of the most common daily questions we run into being the top locksmith shop in Ohio. It is true that most people don’t know or understand that just buying a metal blank key and having it cut for a few dollars is not going to start their 1996 and newer vehicle.

The reason behind this is that Ford introduced in 1996 a Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) called Securilock, however most people just call it PATS. The idea behind PATS is to curb theft of the vehicle by a thief “hot-wiring” the ignition system. Ford accomplished this by implementing a key that is coded to the vehicle enabling the factory computer to start the vehicle when the correct key is present during cranking of the vehicle.

The PATS key has an RF chip embedded into the head of it and is programmed to the vehicle. When the ignition is turned to start the vehicle, there is an antenna ring behind the plastic shroud of the ignition that energizes the transponder in the key head and the vehicle authenticates that it is a valid key, thus enabling the vehicle to start and run. Over the years it has evolved into a more secured encryption which current models use.

Although the dealership normally charges $125 to program a key, our basic service starts at $60 if you have a valid key that already starts the vehicle and you can drive the vehicle to our shop. With this fee, you will receive a new key that is cut to the Ford factory OEM specifications and coded to the vehicle. Now we stated, “basic service” as with any vehicle there are different options and circumstances. Some of these can be that there are too many keys already programmed to the vehicle, you need to delete the lost keys, or that you have a remote key head type of key that has the lock/unlock buttons built into it or possibly you have a smart key.

If you have no keys and we need to dispatch one of our locksmith technicians to you, obviously there is going to be an added expense depending where you are located. There are discounts available through AAA if you are a member which will offset some of the incurred costs.

E&A Locksmith is a full service 24/7 locksmith that employs Master Locksmiths that are bonded and insured. When you call us, you are calling the very best and receiving OEM quality products and service.


Ford Key

Ford Key Fobs

A few added notes that come to mind. Should you need an extra key for a remote start system professionally installed by our sister company, Access 1 Alarm & Audio , please schedule with them and they will provide you with a key for the remote start system.

Have you lost your remote control keyless entry fob or just need another? Besides stocking every type of Ford key available, we also have all the fobs. We can sell and code you a new replacement keyless entry fob, but as a cost-saving alternative, Access 1 Alarm & Audio can install a new Viper Keyless Entry system for your vehicle.

Recently we have been seeing an influx of cloned keys that are purchased from home improvement centers and hardware stores. Please be forewarned that these are cloned keys and are battery operated. You will be left stranded at the worst possible time with these keys, not to mention are more expensive than our service of providing you with an OEM key that is programmed to your vehicle.

Do you have 2 OEM programmed keys already and just need an extra one? Than our service will be slightly less expensive as we don’t need to use the Ford computer to add a key. As for the Ford owners that have an F250 and up without PATS, yes your vehicle can be stolen in less than 30 seconds, we recommend visiting Access 1 Alarm & Audio for a security system that includes a starter interrupt.


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